The Legion and ...Spieler
the Defence of Tarkin Cityprelude
1- the Commander's RescueFlanf, Martin, Anil, Ole, Chris
2- Breakout from Tarkin CityFlanf, Martin, Anil, Ole, Chris
3- the Attack on DevastatorFlanf, Martin, Anil, Ole, Chris
4- the Attack on Devastator Part II?Flanf, Martin, Ole, Chris
5- the Mystery of Scyr HarbourFlanf, Martin, Ole, Chris
6- the Cleansing of the Paradise CoastFlanf, Martin, Ole, Chris
7- the Cleansing of the Paradise Coast Part IIFlanf, Martin, Chris
8- the Bus JobFlanf, Martin, Chris, Ole
9- a Jolly River RideFlanf, Martin, Chris, Ole
10- the Skirmish at Rayton GorgeFlanf, Martin, Ole
11- Confront Doctor AleksovichFlanf, Martin, Ole
12- the corrupted forestFlanf, Martin, Chris
13- Stop Monolith ConstructionFlanf, Martin, Chris, Ole
14- the Assault on the Legion CampFlanf, Martin, Ole
15- Block Mountain RoadFlanf, Martin, Ole
16- Scout Roads AheadFlanf, Martin, Ole
17- Determine Breaker's GoalFlanf, Martin, Ole, Chris
18- Escort CiviliansFlanf, Martin, Ole, Chris
19- Raise the ArkFlanf, Martin, Ole
20- Crossing the Smuggler's Path to NariFlanf, Martin, Ole
21- Cleanse Tribal SanctumFlanf, Martin, Ole
22- Capture Gun BatteryFlanf, Martin, Ole, Chris
23- Negotiate with Arah'HaletFlanf, Martin, Ole, Chris
24- The Great HuntMartin, Ole, Chris
25- Discussions at CampMartin, Ole, Chris, Flanf
26- Exfiltrate Purple Glowing AmberMartin, Ole, Flanf
27- Clear Main RouteMartin, Ole, Flanf
28- Make Contact with Skydagger PeakMartin, Ole, Flanf, Chris
29- Return to Amber Lodge, arriving at Skydagagger PeakMartin, Ole, Flanf, Chris
30- The Last Day on EarthMartin, Ole, Flanf, Chris
31- Meeting the HeavensMartin, Ole, Flanf, Chris