11-Confront Doctor Aleksovich

Primary Mission

  • Mission Type: Humanitarian (Dangerous)
  • Mission Goal: Find Fugitives and Confront their leader (Success)
  • Specialists: Heavy Sapphire
  • Squad: The Grinning Ravens
  • Enemy Forces: Hounds, The Void (Breaker)
  • Losses: none

= Day 10

== "Confront Dr. Aleksovich", Favor, Dangerous (primary)

  • Ancending the mountain... Man, exhausting
  • Encountering strange mountain goats(?), kind of mech-i-fied
  • Liavel Alekseivich is under attack! A goat is trying to ram him
  • The group can shoot down two of the goats
  • After climbing to a better position, we mow down the weird hybrid goats and carry on
  • Luckily we convinced our quartermaster to bring skies for everyone
  • Jetting down the mountain :D
  • *Nika* almost fell down a crevice, we could pull her up just in time
  • We are running through the valley, getting stuck in the mud from time to time
  • Feeling a bit wheezy after this crawl, *Tyrius* is giving out a round of shots for stamina
  • After reaching the top of the ridge, we get a brain freeze. A large ship?brain?tentacle?thing? floats towards our allies
  • *Nika* shouts at our soldiers, pushing them back to action
  • We shoot with our mortar into the snow to cut off enemy troops as well as the brain?ship? from our allies
  • Coordinating with the allies, we use the famous "Chilean Pincer" - *Nika* can tell you all about it - to shred an enemy squad from two sides
  • We merge with the ally squad!
  • In the middle of the squad we find the Doc, strangely glowing. A fugitive - seemingly corrupted - pins her down
  • *Sapphire* tackles the corrupted fugitive and manages to free her
  • *Nika* lays down suppressing fire with her fine machine gun to assist our escape
  • Thanks to the suppressing fire, we all climb up to the mountain rigde again
  • The ally squad attacks scattered enemies in the valley
  • In the meantime, *Sapphire* and *Tyrius* leave mines behind to slow the following enemies
  • While they install the explosives, the brain?ship?tentacle comes closer. They feel the bitter-sweet temptation of corruption
  • While running through the last valley, *Sapphire* gives more than everything and collapses from exhaustion ("reckless trauma")
  • The Doc pulls some magic shit again and scorches the whole rigde, sending down an avalanche and stalling the enemies
  • We can escape!

=== Cast

  • *Graf Tyrius Zardani* Medic, Ole
  • *Sapphire Dancing Ember* Heavy, Flanf
  • *Tatinikayevna "Nika"* Rookie (Grinning Ravens), Martin

=== Casualties

  • None