13-Stop Monolith Construction

== "Downtime"

  • Trecking along through the wilderness. Slightly less wild now that the fusion reactor is gone.
  • Under fire! Or are we? Our soldiers are firing blindly into the woods.
  • We retrieve four corpses of perforated deer. O.o
  • Oh well, deer stew for the next days it is.
  • *Graf Leon Garossi* gives a moving speech honoring the fallen.
  • *Gabridyor "The Gab"* is promoted to the rank of Soldier.
  • Aleksovich's condition is deteriorating. She won't make it too long. But what will happen to the light she's carrying inside?

== Mission: "Stop Monolith Construction", Dangerous! (primary)

  • We pretend being server maintenance workers. The guards buy our story and let us in.
  • Attempts to steal a key card failed spectacularly, we could just so weasel our way out of the pickle.
  • *Adrian Merkatovich* McGyvers one of our WARDs into a directional tracker. We can figure out the building with the most corruption! We also learn that the monolith must be (at least partially) above ground.
  • Executing Plan B, we throw a rope from rooftop to rooftop and climb to the roof.
  • After crawling through ventilation shafts, we are in the building.
  • *Zayaevich* trys to hack one of the key-card protected doors, success!
  • *Zayaevich* and *Siv* generously distribute C4 in the basement and set a timer. The clock is ticking.
  • *Siv* sneaks in to bring down Amar with one skilled shot.
  • BOOM! and she hits the server rack behind him. Epic fail.
  • The whole crew storms, guns blazing. And killing Amar!
  • Oh no! The monolith gets damaged in the process, with electrical arcs buzzing in the room.
  • Our squad dives for cover. One rookie is catapulted down into the pit and is blown to pieces. Corruption oozes into the other rookies.
  • We skirmish our way out of the center square towards the surrounding walls.
  • After we throw padded blankets over the barbed wire, we dash under heavy fire accross the wall.
  • Escape!

=== Cast

  • *Adrian Merkatovich* Soldier, Martin
  • *Zayaevich* Soldier, Flanf
  • *Colay Melislavovich* Officer, Chris
  • *Silver Shifting Tide* Sniper, Ole