7-The Cleansing Of The Paradise Coast Part II

= Day 7

== Back at Camp

== Mission: "Recover Transport and Supplies for Civilians", Supply (primary)

  • we recruit a bus-driver to help us driving the (hopefully) recovered busses
  • our planning paid off, we are scouting successfully towards the old travel agency
  • at some point we approach a rotting stench, we decide to circumnavigate it; what would have lurked there...? we might never know
  • arriving at the building, the entrance is walled off
  • *Amber Standing Tempest* sneaks onto the roof and scouts the perimeters
  • we all follow, climbing a rope onto the roof
  • a can of food falls out of a backpack! but *Zayaevich* can quickly catch it, preventing us being detected
  • being so close to the machines has a price, we feel the influence of the corruption
  • inside, we find the remnants of about a dozen civilians; two still seem to be alive - barely
  • the civilians seem to have been locked inside against their will
  • we also find tools and replacement parts for the busses
  • two busses are in the garage downstairs
  • *Zayaevich* prepares a point charge for blasting our way out of the building
  • *Adrin Merkatovich* searches the building and picks up some supplies
  • manning: *Zayaevich* and the bus driver are driving, the rest is fire power support
  • we blast the door and drive out and away!
  • *Amber Standing Tempest* takes over driving
  • we are followed by 5 motorbikes
  • *Amber Standing Tempest* can keep them in distance with her rifle
  • we have to leave the highway to go on a detour through the next town, the road is too broken to continue there
  • in the labyrinthine streets we are ambushed by the bikes again
  • with collective fire, we can fight off the bikes
  • later on, in another settlement, a lamp post is pushed on the street
  • luckily we mounted a bull bar in front, so we can push our way through
  • we had to slow down, so the other bikes could catch up with us again
  • they approach, and some of them have explosives!
  • *Amber Standing Tempest* fights them off with heavy fire from her rifle
  • one enemy jumps on the bus and explodes in a cloud of nano-bots, but *Amber Standing Tempest* can dogde it
  • we arrive safely at our camp!

=== Cast

  • *Amber Standing Tempest* Scout, Martin
  • *Adrin Merkatovich* Rookie, Ole
  • *Zayaevich* Rookie, Flanf

=== Story

.The one in which we catch a ride

=== TL;DR heroic

  • *Amber Standing Tempest* sneaked masterfully into the building
  • *Adrin Merkatovich* McGyvers bull bars on the busses, that later smash through an ambush
  • *Zayaevich* blows up the garage wall, and we speed out
  • *Zayaevich* catches a can of food with his foot to save us from being spotted