9-A Jolly River Ride

= Day 8

== Back at Camp

  • soldiers caught drinking, commemorating fallen colleagues
  • *Guru Rhagav Khatri* manages to give the drunk soldiers a quantum of solace
  • we give out food for the civilians; helping the people and showing our soldiers what they are fighting for

=== Party (reduce stress)

== Mission: "Blow up Gang HQ", Assault (secondary)

  • spotted before we could enter, but we could shoot our way in
  • devil's bargain: we use all the explosives
  • aaaaand shooting our way out again

=== Cast

  • *Sapphire Dancing Ember* Heavy, Flanf
  • *Viceroy Hadrian Julius* Rookie (Star Vipers) Martin
  • *Dania Valentinichna* Rookie (Star Vipers) Ole

== Time Passes

  • Preparing to cross the closed border on the river
  • Busses are McGyver'd watertight
  • Some floodlights and small-arms resistance expected
  • *Silver Shifting Tide* shoots out floodlights
  • We are detected, a chain is being pulled up
  • *?* swims ahead splits the chain with thermite
  • *Sapphire Dancing Ember* shoots smoke granades into the 'enemy' settlement

== Mission: "Break out Elossari forces", Assault (secondary)

=== Story

.The one in which ...?

=== TL;DR heroic

=== Casualties none

== Mission: "Raid Biolab", Supply, Favour (secondary)

  • Everything seems quiet on arrival
  • Once inside we realize that we are not alone!
  • Spooky voices in our heads... Wah!
  • The computers seem to go crazy, starting to delete the data we try to retrieve
  • The door slams shut, locking us in
  • *Adrin Merkatovich* manages to pry open an exit for us
  • A wave of corruptions flushes over us, but we can resist it's urge
  • *Amber Standing Tempest* counter-hacks the mainframe and buys us some time

=== cast

  • *Amber Standing Tempest* Scout, Martin
  • *Zayaevich* Soldier, Flanf
  • *Adrin Merkatovich*, Rookie, Ole
  • *Squad*, Rookies, Chris

=== Casualties none