Target: One creature, killed no longer than 24 hours ago, that you can reach

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

You touch the target. You must concentrate for 1 hour, during which time you must maintain physical contact with the target. If your concentration is uninterrupted for the full hour, the target might come back from the dead.

If the target’s soul resides in the Underworld, it returns to its body and the target is restored to life. The target heals 1 damage and becomes fatigued and impaired until it completes a rest.

If the target’s soul resides in Hell, make a Will challenge roll with a number of banes equal to the target’s Corruption.

On a success, you restore the target to life as described above. On a failure, the soul is utterly lost. It cannot be returned to its body by further castings of this spell.

Sacrifice: You can expend a casting of this spell to cast total healing.