The Queen Of Gold

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Meister: Flanf
Campaign-Welt / System: Shadow of the Demon Lord

The Pirate Isles

The adventures presented in this book focus on the lands east of Rûl, those islands and larger land masses scattered across the vast Auroral Ocean. Specifically, many of the adventures focus on the Pirate Isles, a collection of islands settled by pirates long ago.

Over the years, these pirates have used the isles as a haven when they are not busy raiding the shipping lanes and the coastal settlements of the Kingdom of Sails, the Freehold of Nar, and the various coastal city-states of the Confederacy of Nine Cities.

In recent years, the ruling body known as the Captains’ Circle, an elected group composed of the most powerful and well-to-do pirate captains, has been seeking to move the region away from piracy as its primary economic venture in order to enter the world stage as a legitimate nation.


Each player should have at least one starting character. Inform the players that their characters will start aboard a ship bound for the Pirate Isles. Since they’re starting characters, it’s not necessary for them to know each other, though it certainly couldn’t hurt.