Giles Mason

Background: Explorer

Agility: d6
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d8
Strength: d6
Vigor: d4

Athletics (St): d6
Fighting (Ag): d6
Healing (Sm): d6
Knowledge (Academic) (Sm): d4
Nature (Sm): d6
Notice (Sm): d6
Shooting (Ag): d4
Stealth (Ag): d6
Technics (Sm): d4

Languages: English, French, Swahili

Charisma: 0
Pace: 6
Parry: 5 (2 + fighting/2)
Toughness: 7 (2 + vigor/2 + 2 + 1)
Reason: 3 (2 + spirit/2 + 1 – 4)
Status: 2 (Working Class)

Faction: Frazer's Fighters

Possessions: £ 1.05
Heavy Coat [Armor +1 to the torso, arms, and legs.] 6lb £2
Bedroll 4lb £0.20
Compass 1lb £0.50
Flask (ceramic) 1lb £0.05
Flint and steel 1lb £0.05
Grappling hook 2lb £0.25
Lamp oil 1lb £0.05 x 5
Lantern 2lb £0.15
Rope, silk (50 feet) 5lb £0.50
Waterskin ?lb £?
Total Weight: 27lb
Weight Limit: 30lb


Down-to-Earth [+1 Reason]
Rippertech [may start with up to half her total Reason in rippertech (round up).]
Gone Native [Characters who have Gone Native are acclimated to the local environment, often avoiding penalties to fatigue from heat, cold, or other environmental conditions visitors might suffer. The character also gains + 2 Charisma with the locals but is still considered an Outsider (unless she also has World Traveler).]


Cursed (Major) [Your heroine crossed some dark power and has forever after been marked by its tainted touch. Your character may never receive beneficial blessings such as those from the Arcane Background (Miracles) Edge.]
Supernatural Weakness (Minor) – Silver [This hero has acquired a weakness to some material akin to those suffered by many of the monsters the Rippers fight. Perhaps your hero was cursed by a witch, or scratched by a monster in a previous encounter. Choose which weakness your hero has: Cold Iron, Wood, Silver, Sunlight, Salt, or Fire. You may take this Hindrance more than once, but you must choose a different weakness each time. A hero with a Supernatural Weakness cannot use that substance and cannot stand to touch, or be touched by it. Weapons made from it inflict +4 damage on the hero.]
Loyal (Minor) [Your character may not be a hero, but he’d give his life for his friends. This character can never leave a man behind if there’s any chance at all he could help.]


Ancient’s Organs (-1) [The recipient gains a +2 bonus to resist diseases and poisons and recovers from sickness and disease four times faster than normal. If the disease or poison is lethal or otherwise permanent, the character has a 50% chance of surviving or ignoring the effect.]
Demon Hide (-1) [The hide of a demon provides the recipient with +2 Armor which stacks with worn armor. If the character is wounded, part of the outer skin falls away revealing the demonic subderma. It can be hidden with a Stealth roll suffering a penalty equal to the wound level.]
Gruesome Black Humors (-1) [The recipient takes no additional damage from Called Shots.]
Retractable Claws (-1, Implant only) [The character can spout claws from his hands that cause Str +d4 damage. The claws can hurt any creature of the basic type it was taken from regardless of Invulnerability or Weakness. A concubine can rend her vampiric master should she break free of his enthrallment, for example.]


Giles was born in Whitechapel, London. When he was fourteen, his father arranged for him to enter the service of Sir Edward Whitford, a wealthy young man that had recently inherited some plantations in Africa, as his personal servant. He learned to read and write, as well as a little French for good measure. His duties in the household ranged from helping Sir Edward dress to assisting with the maintenance of the house itself.

When Giles was seventeen, he accompanied Sir Edward on an inspection Journey to Africa for the first time. Sir Edward wasn't very interested in managing the plantations, but travelled there every three years to make sure everything went well. On their third journey, Giles had just turned twenty-three, Sir Edward heard of a legendary civilisation, deep in the jungles of central Africa. The prospect of fame (and doing something exciting for once) gripped Sir Edward almost immediately. Within two weeks an expedition was organized and they headed into the depths of the central African jungle. Most of the porters spoke Swahili, and Giles had soon picked up enough so he could communicate with them. They all being servants to Sir Edward, they soon became friends. The going was rough and the humid, hot climate made travelling slow and exhausting.

It happened the day after they found the ruins. Sir Edward was dictating Giles some notes for the travel log when the attack hit. For Giles it was a blur of quick moving darkness, gun-fire and the screams of dying comrades when he suddenly felt sharp pain in his side. Something had punctured his abdomen and he felt warm blood streaming down his side as he lost consciousness.

He was very dizzy when he woke up. Some of the porters had survived the initial attack and carried Giles with them to a nearby jungle tribe they knew of. He was severely wounded so the only thing that could save him was an old ritual the medicine man of the tribe was reluctant to perform. His porter friends told Giles later that the medicine man kept repeating "this will have consequences!". But he was awake now, so whatever the medicine man did had to have been successful. When asked about Sir Edward the porters told Giles that he was dead, but that nobody had actually seen the body. Giles was in no condition to look for Sir Edward by himself, so be begrudgingly followed the porters back to where the expedition had started.

It was back in London when Giles had the first opportunity to visit a western doctor to check on the mostly healed wound in his side. The doctor must have recognized what had happened, because he gave Giles the address of the headquarters of Frazer's Fighter in London and told him that the people there would know better what to do. This is how Giles got in touch with the Rippers.