• Der Knowledge-Skill Rippertech wird auf Occult und Healing verteilt. Theoretische Fragen werden mit Occult, praktische Aufgaben (extrahieren von Organen, implantieren von Rippertech) werden mit Healing gelöst.
  • Ersatzcharaktere starten mit einem Advance weniger als der alte.


Academics (Smarts): Knowledge of liberal arts, social sciences, literature, history, etc.

Athletics (Agility): Overall athletic coordination and ability. Climbing, jumping, balancing, wrestling, skiing, swimming, throwing, or catching.

Battle (Smarts): Strategy, tactics, and understanding military operations. A key skill in Mass Battles.

Boating (Agility): Ability to sail or pilot a boat, ship, or other watercraft.

Common Knowledge (Smarts): General knowledge of a character’s world.

Driving (Agility): The ability to control, steer, and operate ground vehicles.

Fighting (Agility): Skill in armed and unarmed combat.

Gambling (Smarts): Skill and familiarity with games of chance.

Healing (Smarts): The ability to treat and heal Wounds and diseases, and decipher forensic evidence.

Intimidation (Spirit): A character’s ability to threaten others into doing what she wants.

Notice (Smarts): General awareness and perception.

Occult (Smarts): Knowledge of supernatural events, creatures, history, and ways.

Performance (Spirit): Singing, dancing, acting, or other forms of public expression.

Persuasion (Spirit): The ability to convince others to do what you want.

Repair (Smarts): The ability to fix mechanical and electrical gadgets.

Research (Smarts): Finding written information from various sources.

Riding (Agility): A character’s skill in mounting, controlling, and riding a tamed beast.

Science (Smarts): Knowledge of scientific fields such as biology, chemistry, geology, engineering, etc.

Shooting (Agility): Precision with any type of ranged weapon.

Stealth (Agility): The ability to sneak and hide.

Survival (Smarts): How to find food, water, or shelter, and tracking.

Taunt (Smarts): Insulting or belittling another. Almost always done as a Test (page 108).

Thievery (Agility): Sleight of hand, pickpocketing, lockpicking, and other typically shady feats.

Weird Science (Smarts): The arcane skill for Arcane Background (Weird Science).