Flanf's House Rules for Warzone (1st Edition)


First, my English is REALLY BAD, so please excuse all Typos I made !!

Second, I've seen a lot of Rules out there and I've read a lot of them, so please don't flame me because I've used something you know (or maybe something you have written yourself).

Parry Rule:

We played a lot with the original Parry Rule, but we have seen that this is slows the whole process down. So I have written a Rule based on the DEF-Modifier from Chronopia. At the beginning I used a system that had a Range between 0 and -4 but this doesn't fit to Warzone, because the Parry is normaly high (Chances up to 55% !!) so I increased it by two, so the Final System is the following:

Explanation: In CC you should add your CC-Skill and the DEF from the Defender (CC 16, Def-4: 16-4=12 => you have only a 1-12 Chance to hit your enemy)

If the Opponent is not allowed to Parry, because he have not enough Str. then he doesn't get the benefit of the DEF. A Shield will simply be added to this Stat. Example: A Cybertronic-Scorpion with CC 16 and a Shield (Parry + 2) would have DEF -7.

Heavy Weapons, Sidearms & Equipment:

Heavy Weapons:

If a Trooper with a Heavy Weapon die, he left his Weapon on the Field => a member of the same Troop can pick it up with on Action and use it with a by two reduced Missile Weapon Skill (-2 MW).

Rocket Launcher:

He doesn't need to brace the Rocket Launcher but if he fire it he place the Flamer-Template in the opposite direction of the shoot. Everyone under the Template take a 12-Dam hit.


If a Model use a Sidearm in CC he can choose to use CC instead of MW.


A Model can always be Equiped with a Sidearm or a Sword if he doesn't have neither of them. The Sergant is allowed to exchange his Assault Rifle (if he have one) with a Shotgun.

Alternate Shotgun Rules:

You can enhance your Shotgun with two things:

  1. You can use all three Flamer templates (normal, long and Magma Scorcher)
  2. You have Slug Ammonition: +4 Dam, 15 inch Range, no Template, you lose the Aiming Bonus (if you Aim) after 1 shot

Each Option increase the Cost of the Shotgun by 50% (so if you take both Options you have to pay two times the cost). If you want to change a Mode (one Template size to another or Slug Ammo to Shotgun Ammo,...) would cost 1 Action.


How to gain them:

+1 for participate
+1 for victory
+1 for every Wound inflicted (no Exp for Wounds which were ignored by Lucky Fate, etc.)

How to lose them:

-3: CC, MW, LD or PW + 1 (max. 18), A + 1 (max 30), Str + 1
-6: W + 1 (max 4) or AC + 1 (max. 5)
-Cost of Equipment x 2: Special Equipment, Heroic Abilities,... with a maximum of 3 Special Equipment and 3 HSA inclusiv the beginning ones. You have to pay two times the cost of the Equipment (Example: Lucky Fate would cost 20 Exp.)

Special Rules:

If you field a Troop or Individual with Exp he cost only the Points what it has cost at the start of it's career. So if you have an Individual you have to pay it's initial Weapons and Special Equipment, but you don't have to pay for the Special Equipment bought with Exp.


Can gain Exp like other Individuals (he is even allowed to buy new Special Equipment or HSA with Exp).


Individuals with Exp are like Personalities: you cannot change their Equipment (but you can buy additional Spc. Equipment with Exp.), the same Equipment can be bought from another Individual and you get no piece of Spc. Equipment for your Spc. Equipment-Pool.

If an Individual die in a battle you can still field him in other battles but his cost will be increased by 20% (if he was killed twice you have to pay 40% more if you want to field him, hey he didn't wont to fight again for you he nearly died last time :) ).


Troops are handled completly different:

As long as there are at least two Trooper alive than the Troop can be bought again (with his full Members, Example: he start with 4 Troopers and one Sergeant and pay 140 Points, after a Battle he have only 2 Troopers left, now he can use this troop again in the next battle with 4 Troopers and one Sergeant and the same Equipment, but with higher Exp.).

If only one Trooper is alive, then you can use him as an Individual for further games (with his increased stats) at this point you can give him new Weapons, but only at this time and his point cost will be increased by the Weapons (not by the enhanced Stats from EXP). He can spend Exp which are left from the last Status (they had 18 Exp and where therfore Champions, so he have the Bonuses from the Champion and 2 Exp left (18-16).

You cannot spend the points as Individuals can but the Troop become more experienced and are able to become Veterans or even Champions: (Maximums Stats are: CC, MW, LD : 18, A : 30)

    EXP 	New Status 	        Stat changes (cumulative !!)
    0-5 	Standard Trooper 	no Changes
    6-10 	Experienced Troopers 	+1 CC,MW,LD
    11-15 	Veterans 	        +2 A or +2 Str; one Special Power*
    16-20 	Champions 	        +1 CC, MW, LD
    21+ 	Legends 	        +1 AC; one Heroic Special Ability

*Special Powers: Commando Training, Stealth, Jungle Training, Close Combat Training and Kenjutsu (only Mishima)

Example: Troops with normaly CC,MW 12; LD 14; A 24 who are now Veterans have the following stats: CC,MW 13, LD 15; A 26 and get one Special Power

Cover, Indirect Fire and Deviation:

Extra Cover:

Instead of the original Rules (Comp. 1) you can duck behind Hard Cover and you cannot be seen from behind the Cover, but if anyone come behind it he can see him and therefore he can shoot at him.

It cost 1 AC to go into Extra Cover and 1 AC to stand up, he cannot use a Wait action for anything behind his Cover (he cannot see behind it)

Indirect Fire:

You can simply fire at anyone who can be seen by any of your units (don't use the indirect fire restricions from the first Compendium). If the Target can be seen directly from the shooter he simply get the Cover bonuses. If he can only be seen from someone else, then the two Deviation-Dices of Warham... should be used, only if you roll a hit (with the Hit-Dice) you directly hit your target if u doesn't roll it simply use the Deviation rules below. If you use a Mortar, simply roll everytime the Deviation Dices (as above) even if you can see the target.


We use the Deviation dices of Warham... which you can simply buy wíthout having the Boxed-Set of the Game. If you shoot with a Rocket - or a Grenade-Launcher and the shoot deviates then simply rool both dices where the Hit-Dice indicate the direction (use the little arrow if you roll a Hit) and the other dice is simply the range, where "!" counts as 1 inch. The maximum Deviation can never exeed 1/2 the Range of the shoot. If a Hand-Thrown Grenade deviate use the same procedure like the above but it deviate only 1/2 the roll and "!" counts as 12 inch. (Example: If you throw a Greanade which deviate and you roll a "!" the it deviate 6 inch).

How we play it:

  • No HSA's at the beginning (you can buy them only with Exp.)
  • Usally 500-1000 Point battles
  • Cybertronic -20 % Points (in a 1000-Point Battle they have only 800)
  • Dark Legion -30 %
  • You have to take the Weapons of the descripton (you can still buy a Sidearm or a Sword if he don't have one)
  • Special Equipment Pool like COW
  • We play single battles (no Scenarios) but we keep Troops and Individuals with Exp
  • No Mortar's
  • No Equipment and Troops from the Chronicles (except the Brootherhood Artifacts)
  • No Limit on the Game Lenght
  • Board Size: 1m x 1m or 6' x 4'