i can write here!

i´m so great, i´m so great!

i take bets from now on! How long will it take Flanf to edit this page?

< 1 day: 3472 bets so far
1 day: 730 bets so far
2 days: 21 bets so far
3 days: 0 bets so far
4 days: 0 bets so far
5 days: 0 bets so far
>= 6 days: 0 bets so far

by Flanf: I bet 1 day ... damn I WON!!! 8D

by Christoph: I guess it would not have taken him a whole day to edit this page, right? So I rather bet on lesser then 1 day .. like 1 minute? ;p So propably you lost and I won .. sorry to point that out :)

by Mad: it took him about 9 hours. congratulations to christoph for his price of 1/3473 of 1000 Euro. Amounts < 1 Euro are not beeing paid out

by Christoph: Although I admire my win, I am a bit disappointed for not getting payed out the amount of € 0.29.- I am looking forward to receive at least some kind of reward for winning this tough competition tomorrow.

And I am afraid that you miss the catching point of my previous writing :) Flanf needed 9 hours to spot the edit but his edit itself was less then a minutes work (I suppose) :)