RPG Kalender 2021

DatumCampaignAbenteuer (fehlende Spieler)
2021/03/30The Legion 
2021/03/27Flanf's Runde 
2021/03/25Queen of Gold 
2021/03/18Queen of Gold 
2021/03/16The Legion 
2021/03/13Flanf's Runde 
2021/03/11Queen of Gold 
2021/03/04Queen of Gold 
2021/03/02The Legion 
2021/02/27Flanf's Runde 
2021/02/25Queen of Gold 
2021/02/18Queen of Gold 
2021/02/16The Legion 
2021/02/13Flanf's Runde 
2021/02/11Queen of Gold 
2021/02/04Queen of Gold 
2021/02/02The Legion 
2021/01/30Flanf's Runde 
2021/01/28Queen of Gold 
2021/01/21Queen of Gold 
2021/01/19The Legion 
2021/01/16Flanf's Runde 
2021/01/14Queen of Gold 
2021/01/07Queen of GoldThe Queen in Exile I
2021/01/02Flanf's RundeOS: Shadowrun Anarchy-Forschungstransfer (GM: Flanf, PCs: Nicole, Helmut, Astrid)