Flanfs GM-Cards


These Cards are based on the wonderful GMApprentice Cards (available on drivethrurpg).

The great thing about these Cards is, that they show multible different things at one glance. Die-Rolls, Character Names, Mythic-Questions and more...

Since these are digital cards, it can provide some unique advantages. Each part of these cards are completely random and there are some interactive/dynamic Elements. Also since it it a Website, you can access everywhere with your phone, tablet or PC.

I also want to mention and thank my good Friend Filip, who contributed not only with good Ideas and helpful Critique, but also created some important Symbols, like the Hex-Terrain and the Compass.

Card Elements

Interactive Elements: All elements are clickable, which will reroll only that particular Part.

1 Range: This gives a weighted Number in the Range of 1-10, if you need an indicator for distance, reaction, difficulty and more. It archives this by rolling 3d10 and taking the middle one.

  • Special: This has three clickable areas. The number itself rerolls but you can also click on the Arrows to increase or decrease the number to use it as a counter (from 0-10).

2 Icons: These 3 Icons should be an inspiration for Quests, Personalities, and more. The Artworks are from the wonderful site

3 Mythic: Ask yourself a yes/no question, which will be answered by this element. If the answer has a higher chance for a yes or no, then just use both symbols and take the more likely one. Symbols: checkmark=yes, cross=no, d20=critical yes, skull&bones=critical no.

  • Example:Question: Is this door open? A Checkmark and Cross simply means yes and no. A D20 might mean that the door has no lock and a Skull might mean that it is not only closed but also guarded.

4 Names: This Element generates 3 Names. The first is male, the second female and the third non-gender-specific.

5 Personality: A few Personality Traits for the NPC.

6 Timer: Has a 1 Minute timer and also counts how many minutes have passed. The Timer stops, when the page is no longer in the front. Clicking the Timer will reset and restart it.

7 Belongings: Personal Belongings if a PC try to steal or loot a corpse. The first item is the generell description which is then broken down for fantasy, present and sci-fi Settings.

8 Treasure: Generates a Treasure-Hoard. Possibly containing money, Story Items (Letters, Maps,..) and Special Items (magic/hightech Weapons, one-use Items,..).

9 Pokercard: A random Pokercard. Might be useful for some Systems like Savage worlds.

10 Questgenerator: Generates an adjective, verb and noun to create a quest. Combine it with 13-Catalyst&Location and 2-Icons for maximum effect.

11 Compass: Show a random direction (deviation of a missed grenade, direction to the next town,...)

12 Encounters: Draws Cards for the next three possible Encounters. Follows the Rules from Savage Worlds which draws a card, with an Encounter on a face card. The possible Results are:

  • Strangers: Meeting some neutral or friendly NPC's.
  • Treasure: Finding something of value. Might be a good hunting-ground, hulk of a crushed ship or a magic item for sale.
  • Enemies: Monsters, Bandits and more .. oh my! Might be an ambush or just some bad Luck.
  • Obstacle: An Obstacle that has to be circumented. Like a overflowing river, minefield, landslide,..
  • Special: Either combine the next two Encounters or they encounter something truly special like an Royal, their Nemesis, a fallen Meteor,..

13 Catalyst & Location: Great for helping with (Side-)Quests and Special Events.

14 Weather: Creates the Weather for the next two Days (2 Rows). The Tables are from the DnD 5E GM Book and decide if it is especially hot/cold, if it rains (nothing, light or heavy) and if it is windy (no, windy, strong wind).

15 Hex-Terrain: This Element has three Terrains. The big Hex stands for the current overall Terrain (Gras, Forest, Water,..), the black small one to the right show some interesting Features (Tower, Temple, Town,..). The left one is another terrain-hex for the next Location or if you want to combine the terrains.

16 Senses: Four Sensory Inputs for Inspiration. What the Players can hear, see, touch and/or smell.

17 Set of Dice: The last Randomizer ist the classical Die-Roll for each standard die .. d4, d6, d8, d10. d20 and d100.

18 Classic-Link: A link to my classic gm-tool Randomizer, if you need more specialized Rolls.

19 Re-roll: Refreshes the site, which rerolls and restarts every Randomizer and Timer. It also changes color if an individual element has been used, to signify that the element was randomized even if it shows the same result (happens often with the Mythic or Range results).

20 Help: A link to this page.


  • NPC/PC Generation: Element #4,5 and 7 are the main Randomizer to generate a NPC or even PC. But the Icons (#2) and Senses (#16) might also prove helpful.
  • Quest: The Main Elements for generating Quests are the Icons (#2), Quest Generator (#10), the Catalist and Location (#13). These should provide enough Ideas to Kickstart your next (Side-Adventure).
  • On the Road: There are multiple Randomizers that can help when the Players are traveling. The Compass (#11) if they get lost, The Encounters (#12) to see if something happens, the Weather (#14) might be a big influence and the Hex-Terrain (#15) might be very helpfull if the players are in an unmapped Terrain. The Senses (16) are always helpful if there is something nearby or if you need Details.


  • 1.4 (21.10.2019): Bugfix: Range counted only from 1-9, now the correct 1-10
  • 1.3 (08.10.2019): Reroll button changes color if you randomize an individual element.
  • 1.2 (14.03.2019): Prevent unintentionally marked lines when moving the mouse, cleaned the code and renamed/moved some files.
  • 1.1 (14.03.2019): All Elements are individually rerollable.
  • 1.0 (14.03.2019): Initial Release