Flanf's Dice Roller

Download: flanfs-dice.exe
Sourcecode: flanfs-dice.au3

Simon's awesome alternative Version:


I needed a Die Roller that could quickly be used on a Tablet-PC (no Keyboard), so I programmed one myself :)

The Program is written with the free Autoit which is normally used to automate Windows-Functions but powerfull enough to be used for other Programms as well (besides it uses a great Random Function). The only limit is that my Program work only on Windows, but if anyone want to convert it to another system, then I will try to help as much as I can.

At the Moment only Savage Worlds and some special Dice are supported, but I will surely expand it to other Systems in the future.


My Version works fine, but I really recommend to take a look at Simons alternative Version! 8D

1.6 (26.Sep.2006): Savage Worlds: 3 new Buttons for Drawing/Shuffling Cards added.
1.5 (13.Sep.2006): The Savage Wild Die Result is now marked.
1.4 (28.Aug.2006): The first Version that I made available for everone.


1: Counter

This will be used for specifying the amount of dice rolled and other special functions.

2: Output

Thats the ... Output :P

3: Clear

This will clear the Output Window.

4: Essentials

These can be used for (nearly) all Systems and are therefore always available.

The D2-D100 Buttons will roll ONE Die of the shown number, the Dx will roll a variable Die which will be defined in the Counter. Example: If you check the 16 in the Counter-Window and use the Dx button, one 16 sided Die will be rolled.

The other Buttons are a GM-Aid ... just ask yourself a Yes/No Questions (is this Door locked), think about how possible this is and press the most suitable Button. The Output will be Yes, No, Yes maximum or No maximum. If a maximum is rolled then an extrem Version should used (Yes max: the door is not only locked but even trapped; No max: The door will crumble to dust if anyone comes near it). If you want to know more about it then please check out the awesome Mythic Role Playing Game.

5: System Specifics

5.1: Savage Worlds

All Die-Rolls will Ace (rerolled and added on a maximum).

D4-D12: rolls one Die
unsk.: for one D4-2 Roll
x: for multible Die Rolls. The Amount will be definded in the Counter-Window
w: if a Wild Die should be rolled (Ouput is always sorted; one Result ist marked with a "w" ... this is the Wild-Die)
Draw Card: for one Poker-Card (the Cards will be reshuffled each time)
Card: Draws one Card without shuffling. If the last Card was drawn then it wil automaticaly reshuffle.
Show: Open a Window that shows all remaining Cards. The Last entry is either empty or "placeholder", please just ignore it.
Shuf.: Shuffles the Deck
Sort x-Button: enables and disables the sorting x Button Output. Important: "Card" and "Draw Cards" use seperate Poker-Decks! So pressing the Button "Draw Card" will NOT reshuffle the other Deck and pressing "Card" will not reduce the Deck for "Draw Card".

5.2: Special

x D2 - x D100: will roll multible standard Dice. The ammount depends on the Counter.

x D y: will roll multible, variable Dice. The Sides of the Die has to be choosen first (Counter-Window -> y) and the number of Dice afterwards (Counter-Window -> x D).

DnD Attrib: will roll 6 times 4d6 (keep best 3) and show the result sorted.