Ghost Mountain

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Ghost Mountain

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Campaign-Welt / System: Ghost Mountain mit Index Card RPG -> Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (Deadlands)
Nach zwei Sessions mussten wir Index Card RPG hinter uns lassen, weil es für unseren Geschmack viel zu tödlich war.


It’s unclear how, but Ghost Mountain is caught between Earth, Heaven, and Hell. The dead aren’t dead, folk are beginning to change, and every night the Devil threatens to burn it all. This turbulence is the root of every Ghost Mountain story.

How did folks get here? Was it revenge, a terrible death, or a foolish vow? Are they dead, demonic, angelic, or lost entirely? Is this even real?

How will folks get out? Will they ascend, become devils, or just dissipate on the wind? Is there any salvation for the people here? What will you do about it? These are the questions that haunt those trapped in purgatory ... trapped on ol’ Ghost Mountain.


Before the age of machines reached the far West, when the frontier was wild and dangerous, there were many untold stories that few lived to tell. Whole towns were swallowed up by the desert, entire families vanished in the mountains, and great tribes of natives who no longer roam the plains stood tall.

It was a deadly time. Death stalked all too close in those days. So close, in fact, there was one place where the realms of the living and the dead had become entangled. It was hell on earth, a sort of purgatory between the dimensions. A terrible thunderstorm tore that whole mountain from this mortal coil, and everyone there was caught in a war between this world and the next.