Organizations Of Phlan


The following are Phlan-specific organizations that possess a noticeable degree of influence in the city, along with the names and brief descriptions of noteworthy NPCs.

The Black Fist

Heraldry: A field of green with a black clenched, gauntleted fist.
Location: The Stojanow Gate

Commanded by the Ector Brahms, the Lord Regent of Phlan, the remnants of the Black Fist are charged with maintaining order and discipline in Phlan; a task they are not succeeding at. In the void of the leadership of the Cinnabar Throne, the Knights of the Black Fist have been empowered to act as judge, jury and executioner of the Lord Regent’s will. They dispense justice quickly and harshly and are both feared and reviled by the citizenry of Phlan. The lower ranks of the order are rife with corruption and the acceptance of bribes is common place. While rooted in the clergy of Bane, the Black Fist severed all formal ties decades ago; they still pay lip service, however.

Lord Reagent Ector Brahms (ECK-turr BRAMM):

The Lord Reagent has served as the Knight Commander of the Black Fist for the last two Lords Protector; both of whom died suspiciously. He is a stubbornly-honorable, coarse, and stoic man and the burden of leadership weighs heavily on his shoulders. He is 64 years old with a meticulously groomed beard and long, grey hair which he wears in a ponytail. He is seldom seen in public not wearing his badge of office, an enchanted suit of black-enameled full plate armor, and the full-length crimson cape indicative of his position as the Lord Reagent of the Cinnabar Throne. He deals with reports of bribery harshly; and a guardsman seldom survives more than one verifiable complaint.

Knight Lieutenant Cron Bolver (KRONE BOWL-vurr):

While still young, Lieutenant Bolver is a formidable leader. He is a charismatic half-elf and inspires confidence in his underlings. However, he is used to the trappings of wealth and knows that his position is an excellent means of getting rich. He is charged with the daily operation of the Black Fist and works from his well-appointed quarters within the Stojanow Gate. Lt Bolver’s brown hair is typically tousled (which adds to his rakish charm), and he is clean shaven. He usually wears a suit of black-enameled chainmail under a black tunic, slashed with silver.

Typical Black Fist Guardsman:

The racial demographic of the Black Fist is diverse with a majority of the members being human, dwarves or half-elves; while there are a few elves, half-orcs and halflings, they are fairly uncommon. Most wear a suit of scale armor with a half-helm--enameled black--and carry a sword, a truncheon and a kite shield emblazoned with the heraldry of the Black Fist. Most guardsmen abuse their authority and accept bribes without hesitation.

The Welcomers

In previous years, the Welcomers were a band of simple thieves who preyed on the good fortune of those who visited Phlan. Because they frequently assisted in defending the city, they were allowed to exist openly, and the members identified themselves by cutting off their left ear. With the death of the Lord Protector and the turmoil that has followed, the Lord Reagent has declared open season on the Welcomers and his Black Fist hunts them mercilessly. Now the Welcomers act from the shadows and lash out against their oppressors and those who would deny them their due; guards or guildsmen alike.

Xaxy Freyn (ZAH-zee FRAY-n):

A wickedly-smart female half-drow who values money above all else. The guild itself owes its survival to her adaptability and cunning. While she is personable and likeable, she is also manipulative and is able to play on the wants and desires of others with unrivaled skill.

Sralin Gorl (SHRAY-lin GORE-ull):

Sralin is a middle-aged human male with blonde hair and brown eyes though—being an accomplished illusionist—he frequently disguises himself using magic. While he plays the role of friendly advisor to Xaxy, he secretly plans on killing Xaxy and assuming control of the Welcomers for himself.

Typical Welcomer:

The Welcomers run a number of rackets, from protection, housebreaking, laundering and assassination. Because of this, their membership runs the gamut. Thugs, cutpurses, burglars and cold blooded murderers bear the title. And due to the Lord Reagent’s crusade to eradicate the guild, the Welcomers have become masters at escaping scrutiny.

The Faithful of Kelemvor

Location: Valhingen Graveyard

Lord Protector Cvaal Daoran gave the graveyard to a small contingent of Kelemvor faithful shortly after his assumption of power in 1380 DR. With some assistance from local druids, the once-overgrown cemetery is now a meticulously groomed--albeit somber--resting place for the people of Phlan. Though small, the clergy work dutifully and efficiently, providing interment services for the city and are consulted in any dealings with undead in the general area of Phlan. The members of the Order remain impartial to the city’s conflicts that have arisen in the last year, and provide their services for free. They are beholden only to their Order and operate independent of financial assistance from the Cinnabar Throne. They tend their own garden and livestock, so are seldom seen in town; save for the rare trip to obtain supplies they are not able to provide themselves.

Doomguide Yovir Glandon (YOE-veer):

Yovir is a human male of approximately 50 years of age. He is the ranking representative of the Most Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud in the area. He is a humorless, stoic man with a shaved head and a well-groomed beard. He feels that tending to the cemetery is an important part of his faith, so he is typically seen with grass-stained robes and a sickle in hand. He maintains a small office on the grounds but it is generally used only for sleeping.

The Labor Guilds

One of the benefits of being a guild of laborers in Phlan is that the constant construction means plenty of work. And work means money. And as everyone knows, money is power. And power the guilds have in spades. They use their influence to pad their organization’s coffers. While the guilds as a whole work together to increase their collective foothold in Phlan, each of the guilds has their own individual wants and aspirations.

Bardin Klen: Male dwarf, The Stonewrights

Ishin Sorba: Female half-elf, The Carpenters

Filpin Ironmitt: Male gnome, The Ironhands

Bronze Yorik: Male Human, The Merchants

The Quiet Faithful of Lethander

Location: The Ruined Lyceum

Previously housed in the comparatively small shrine to Lathander in New Phlan, Peony now resides in what was formerly the Lyceum of the Black Lord. In the chaos that immediately followed the Lord Protector’s death, the Lyceum was looted, its clergy slain and the temple burned. The Lyceum is still little more than a charred ruin, but has sufficient space to house nearly a hundred people comfortably.

Peony Loamsdown (PAY-oh-nee LOHMS-down):

Peony is a young and relatively inexperienced short, female halfling with a sunny disposition that matches her short-cropped yellow-blonde hair and blue eyes. She simply showed up at the Lord Reagent’s door one day and asked for permission to occupy the ruined Lyceum. When he refused, she went ahead and did it anyway. She had already taken in more than a dozen people by the time the Black Fist had arrived to remove her from the premises, so the Lord Reagent granted her request. Though she will never admit to such, she is a lay devotee of Lathander; devoid of any particular power save for her own wiles, charms, and skills as a healer. Unbeknownst to her, Lathander has returned to Faerûn and in time, her abilities will truly blossom. When that happens, the clerics of Amaunator that reside within the town are likely to disapprove.