Captain Nissila Ebesin

Captain Ebesin

Die empathische Ärztin von Betazoid war lange Zeit Chief of Medicine auf der USS Pasteur. Aufgrund ihrer Erfahrung entschied man sich sie zu Ausbildungszwecken in die Akademie zu holen um dort ihr Wissen und Können an die nächste Generation medizinischer Offiziere weiterzugeben. Für das umgerüstete Schiff und die Ausbildungsmission der Fähnrich-Crew übergab man Captain Ebesin das Kommando.


Diplomacy&Politics accepted
Science Track - Medic
Veteran Officer
Carreer Event: Death of a friend
Carreer Event: Conflict with a hostile species (Cardassianer)


Compassion through understanding
Life is a Kobayashi Maru test
No one dies under my care
Enjoy life while you can


Field Medicine


Emergency Medicine
Hand-to-Hand combat

Highest Displines

Medicine 5 (Focus)
Command 4 (Focus)

Death of a friend & Conflict with a hostile species

Die Betazoidin Dalera Dulas war Counselor auf der USS Pasteur und beste Freundin von Nissila. Sie starb bei einem Angriff durch die Cardassianer auf das Hospitalschiff. Nissila hat den Tod ihrer Freundin bis heute nicht vollständig verarbeitet und gibt den Cardassianern die Schuld daran.


You can sense the emotions of most living beings nearby, and can communicate telepathically with other empaths and telepaths, as well as those with whom you are extremely familiar. You cannot choose not to sense the emotions of those nearby, except for those who are resistant to telepathy. It may require effort and a Task to pick out the emotions of a specific individual in a crowd, or to block out the emotions of those nearby. Increase the Difficulty of this Task if the situation is stressful, if there are a lot of beings present, if the target has resistance to telepathy, and other relevant factors.


Whenever you assist another character using your Command Discipline, the character being assisted may re-roll one d20.


When attempting a Medicine Task, you may ignore any increase in Difficulty for working without the proper tools or equipment.


The character is wise and experienced, and draws upon inner reserves of willpower and determination in a more measured and considered way. Whenever the character spends a point of Determination, roll 1 . If an Effect is rolled, immediately regain that spent point of Determination. The character has a rank of at least Lieutenant Commander.


Command department only. The captain. Even if the commanding officer does not hold the rank of captain, they will be referred to as captain by their subordinates. Every ship must have a commanding officer. The commanding officer may spend a point of Determination to grant any other character they can communicate with one point of Determination; this does not have to be linked to a Value.